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In order to innovate and digitalize a production process, it is not always necessary to change one’s own machines; one can also make better use of existing assets.

What is meant by REVAMPING?

Literally translated, we speak of reconditioning, “refurbishing“. In other words, it means subjecting existing machines within the company to interventions aimed at making them suitable for the model of Industry 4.0. Through a work of Revamping it is, as far as possible, to revive a second “technical youth” of the machinery, extending its life by a few years, with an average cost estimated at around half that for the purchase of a new one.

Returning young has never been so easy, don’t deceive yourself it only works for industrial plants!

Thanks to the collaboration with the association IoTItaly, on February 5 we held a short speech on the subject with a presentation of a practical case where the revamping manoeuvre and professionalism Projecta have led to considerable benefits within the client company. Let’s summarize the practical case in brief.



The applicant company’s requirements focused on reducing the time required to prepare shipments and improving the management of packaging material. In the face of a considerable increase in sales, the need to reduce handling costs also became a priority.

From this moment on, our figure came into play.



Renewal of the functions of a plant for handling and storing incoming material from production departments or from the warehouse.

Automation, therefore, of the plant through the redesign of the functions of the electronic part and the introduction of a software for the supervision of all the operations to be carried out, integrated with the superior management system.



Using technical devices, the company’s plant has been equipped with sensors (to obtain the material in transit) and actuators (to provide instructions to the electronic/mechanical part), radically rethinking the entire PLC system (programmable logic controller) to be able to send and receive timely information on the entire movement to be carried out and receive the progress of the plant.

The plant’s supervisor software has been integrated with the ERP platform to receive data on customer orders and items to be produced; on return, it sends data on packages ready to be shipped for the automatic generation of transport documents.

Stefano Tomè

After a careful analysis of the production and logistics processes to be managed, the costs/benefits and the existing structure, we decided to modernise our existing mechanical systems, introducing new functions. The Projecta software was the solution that allowed the individual plants to communicate and be coordinated with each other, managed by a single software. The flexibility and immediacy of the JE software have favoured considerable time savings and greater efficiency in the organisation and shipment of packages”.

ICT Manager - Pianca spa

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