The new call of the Veneto region to promote employment growth

The new call of the Veneto region to promote employment growth!
Training has taken on an important role within the panorama of Italian companies as the main actor in the personal and professional growth of all workers.
The Evaluation Plan of the Veneto ROP Ob. “Investment for growth and employment 2014/2020 co-financed by the European Social Fund” was approved by the region with the aim of allowing both territorial growth and greater competitiveness of human capital.

What does this incentive consist of? Thanks to a budget of € 10,000,000, companies will be able to apply for funding for entire training projects whose purpose is to promote an environment conducive to business innovation, with a consequent increase in the participation of individuals in the labor market, especially the youngest, increasing business productivity.
Companies are thus supported throughout the process of updating and changing the organization, distributing in a capillary manner within them all the skills needed to meet any challenge in the professional environment. At the same time, companies are supported in building networks of companies by encouraging the exchange of knowledge and thus supporting a high standard of employment.
All projects are aimed at: employed workers, business owners, business assistants, freelancers and the self-employed.
The courses will cover several thematic areas: from Lean Mangement to Technologies 4.0, up to the circular economy, all to ensure that workers can adapt as quickly and correctly as possible to changes in the labor market.

The Veneto region has a new and very valid opportunity to increase the internal skills of companies.

All the enabling technologies that are introduced daily in the production and logistics processes require a constant updating of the skills of the operators involved.

With this call for proposals, a latent need on the part of companies has been intercepted; it is not always easy to obtain qualified personnel, training courses require time and cost and administrators are not always stimulated to carry them out.

This initiative facilitates professional growth on all operational levels; acquiring specific knowledge in strategic application areas from training institutions and specialized consultants is essential, you can not ignore training to address the continuous evolutions and innovations that occur more and more frequently in the global scenario in which we find ourselves.

Projecta is a qualified and accredited partner to provide targeted training in the management of complex technological processes and structures.


For more information download the call ➝ (downloadable call)

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