CORPORATE CRISIS 2019: new products are coming soon, foreseen by the Code that has reformed the discipline of bankruptcy.
The Code of Business Crisis and Insolvency (Decree-Law No. 14 of 12 January 2019) was approved and published in the Official Gazette in February. But let’s see specifically…

Let’s make it simple: the new regulations are designed to provide tools that allow operators in the sector to prevent or limit situations of crisis and insolvency of companies. The main aims are, therefore, to bring out the crisis from the first symptoms to stop its development by helping entrepreneurs to restart and get out of the debt situation, avoiding them to implement, as a result, behaviors that delay, hide and hinder the recovery.
A system in which everyone, from the Inland Revenue to the banks and the internal control bodies created ad hoc, are obliged to report the company to the first anomalous indices and overdue debts.

So, basically, how does it work? In the presence of unpaid debts or crisis indices derived from the analysis of the balance sheet, those who are aware of them are obliged to report the situation to the Board of Directors and to the entrepreneur.
In addition to this, another fundamental role of the entrepreneur is to monitor the company every 3/6 months through management control and strategic planning, with the aim of identifying any early signs of crisis.
If, after the notification of difficulties, the entrepreneur cooperates in the restoration of the company, the alarm returns, otherwise the alert is triggered, which consists of a further report to OCRI, a body of the Chamber of Commerce that instructs 3 experts to take charge of the situation and find a debt agreement in a maximum time of 6 months. If no such agreement is reached, more drastic measures will be taken.

You may wonder what software houses are all about with the corporate crisis… well let’s say we can act as a thermometer in fever-alert situations!
Thanks to the elaborations derived from the business science, therefore, of the dedicated software, it is possible to predict or keep under control the probability of a future insolvency.
As they say: prevention is better than cure! Measuring corporate health with JE software becomes simple, immediate and above all effective. It is possible to monitor economic and financial management situations and evaluate the company’s performance and/or any critical issues through precise indices and graphs.
The Projecta thermometer is called Je-ERP, the complete management platform, a modular system for the operation and complete management of the company’s activities. This platform integrates the management of all business processes: from the management of the basic master data, to the production, passing through the active and passive cycle, from the management of the warehouse to the accounting.

By equipping themselves with efficient tools for organizing and measuring performance, companies tend to become orderly and disciplined in every area, thus setting procedural flows capable of making ordinary and extraordinary activities easy to manage and, consequently, quickly monitorable.
This structure allows third parties (auditors, boards of statutory auditors, etc..) to accurately grasp the state of health of the body that must be controlled, drawing on consolidated and essential databases, avoiding complex procedures for research and processing of scattered or redundant information.
An integrated ERP system, which covers all areas of business application, is able to meet the needs of management control; JE-ERP provides modules such as analytical accounting, business intelligence, management of E.O.S. and K.P.I. production departments, all in a single system with a solid and flexible architecture, through the relational database and interfaces designed specifically to quickly create representations of a large amount of data.
Knowing how to use a system like JE-ERP for the company means contributing to its good health and solid growth, with a clear vision of the progress of planned strategies.
So… how healthy is your company today?

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