“From today, thanks to your Chamber of Commerce, making your business more digital doesn’t cost you anything.”

Let’s start from a simple notion: what are Digital Enterprise Points (or PIDs)?

PIDs are service structures within the Chambers of Commerce aimed at spreading the culture and practice of digital at Micro Small and Medium Enterprises ( MSME ) belonging to all economic sectors. To the network of physical PIDs is added a “virtual” network involving different digital tools: specialized sites, forums and communities, use of social media.

These Digital Enterprise Points are the response of the Chambers of Commerce to the request of Mise (Ministry of Economic Development) to set up a network of IT and business support points on digitisation processes. The project comes to life following the National Enterprise Plan 4.0. allocated by the Italian Government to give life to the fourth industrial revolution.

Specifically, the PIDs (points of digital enterprise) provide companies with digital vouchers for the purchase of consulting services, training and technologies in the field of 4.0: a tangible support in favor of the digitization of micro small and medium Italian enterprises.

Vouchers are issued through special notices published by the Chamber of Commerce at variable intervals. Individual companies and also groups of companies participating in an aggregated project for the introduction of technologies in Enterprise 4.0 are eligible for the aid.


Below you can download the pdf versions of the calls for proposals for the areas Udine-Pordenone, Treviso-Belluno and Padua

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