Bbf | Projecta

Brianza company specializing in the processing of wood panels and advanced materials. 2 production plants, + 40 employees.

Needs and Objectives:

Replacement of the current management no longer suitable with one able to manage and control production. The company’s goal: to have a single, integrated solution.

Intervention and Solutions:

Implementation of JE-ERP, a complete management platform verticalized on the production.

Modules have been activated at the management platform:

  • JE-BUILDER technical configurator for the definition of products and variants with cycles, bills of materials and processing steps.
  • JE-WMS for the management and control of logistics and warehouses at the two production sites.
  • JE-NEST cutting optimizer interfaced to the sizing plants with algorithms customized according to specific needs.
  • JE-PLANTS software for the supervision, interfacing and control of automatic systems.
  • JE-MES and JE-MOBILE software for factory data collection and production progress.