Boffi | Projecta

Definition of the project:

ProJEcta’s proposal for Boffi SpA is structured in such a way as to provide a solution capable of managing production and logistics flows, starting from the sizing phase, up to the edgebanding phase with the supervision of the plants involved in the process.
The project aims at automating the communication process between the two departments mentioned above and the superior management software, through a single integrated production management software platform, while at the same time fulfilling the obligations provided by the regulations in the Industry 4.0 (Hyperamortization).

The configuration of the software for defining the elements to be produced, together with the aesthetic and dimensional information (variants, attributes, cycles and bill of materials), will be preparatory to the automation phase; the master data necessary to define the materials, the processing phases and the part programs to be sent to the plants will also be compiled. This information can be entered directly into the system or received, through integrations to be evaluated, by higher systems (management software, graphic development software, departmental databases). On returning from the plants, the necessary information will be acquired to monitor the progress of the orders and the representation within a system called MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

The project, focused on the JE platform, will allow to manage production orders both MTS (Make To Stock) and MTO (Make To Order), and the generation of punctual and configurable production orders.

In order to carry out the above, it will be necessary to create interfaces with the company ERP and with departmental software. Specifically, the master data of the panels and the stock balances will be acquired, as well as the list of components and finishing parts from the reference database.
Export flows to the management software will also be foreseen to ensure that the material foreseen (committed) for the released optimizations is not withdrawn for other purposes.