DOC elementi per mobili | Projecta

DOC Elementi per Mobili srl is a renowned company in the Treviso area that operates in the field of furnishing components. The company is focused on the production of finished elements for the furniture sector and, with a view to product diversification, has introduced the production of furniture in complete kits.

Needs and objectives:

In the process of change and growth, the company has set itself the goal of implementing a prototype information system that will enable it to: – configure its products in a timely and flexible way – automate production processes in a context of heterogeneous systems and plants that communicate with a supervisory and control infrastructure capable of supporting a strong interconnection of the processes themselves – reduce processing errors due to manual data collection and imputation – have tools to ensure data security and integrity along the supply chain.

Interventions and solutions:

  • JE-BUILDER – a technology that allows the customer to develop the product according to a guided configuration: construction of the master data of an article, its bill of materials, its production cycle, the price list and many other data, without having to later go to compile other tables.
  • JE-ERP – Management platform
  • JE-MES – Production control and progress
  • JE-PLANTS – Supervisor of the interconnected systems
  • JE-WMS – Materials logistics

The main innovative elements of the project consist in the design and development of a centralized information system but widespread in the factory and heterogeneous in its functions. System capable of integrating feasibility/design/preventive/process control functions, so as to interconnect project activities with operational activities and thus measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s actions. The system is configured as a neural system in which operators and machines interact.