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Integration and automation system for package warehouse management SCOTTON SPA

SCOTTON s.p.a. is a renowned company in the Treviso area that specialises in the manufacture of corrugated paper and cardboard and paper and cardboard packaging. The production process includes the processing of the raw material, packaging and shipping of the products.

Needs and objectives

Through the implementation of JE, the company has set itself the goal of implementing a prototype information system capable of:

  • to automate some logistic flows for the handling of packages
  • interface with field hardware that can be identified as detection tools (sensors and actuators, barcode scanners and markers for packaging)
  • ensure data integrity and security throughout the supply chain – improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and products

Intervention and solution

  1. JE-WMS: management and control of logistics and warehouses
  2. JE-PLANTS: software for the supervision, interfacing and control of production plants and logistics

Functions implemented

  • installation of a tool for the identification and handling of packages in the logistics department
  • automation of data collection and imputation processes in order to reduce processing errors
  • installation of a supervisory and control structure capable of supporting a strong interconnection of processes
  • verification of the performance of departments and resources
  • automated warehouse management and tracking of packages