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Integrated system for order and production flow management, automating processes – STILCURVI srl

STILCURVI srl is a renowned company in the Treviso area that operates in the “wood-furniture” sector. Production is varied and ranges from semi-finished products for furniture manufacturers (e.g. doors, panels, furnishing accessories) to finished products for large contracts or end customers (e.g. drawers, bedside tables, wardrobes).

Needs and objectives

In the course of the management renewal process, the company has set itself the objective of obtaining an integrated system for the real-time control of the order flow (commercial area ↔ production area ↔ logistics area ↔ accounting area)

Intervention and solution

  • JE-ERP: complete management platform for the management of orders and the generation of production orders
  • JE-NEST: software for the optimization of linear, two-dimensional and pressing cutting
  • JE-MES: production control and progress
  • JE-WMS: management and control of logistics and warehouses
  • JE-MOBILE: software for the collection of factory data and the progress of production
  • JE-PLANTS: software for the supervision, interfacing and control of production plants and logistics

Functionality implemented

  • development of an innovative system centralized but widespread in the factory and heterogeneous in its functions
  • automatic acquisition of customer order data (code, delivery date, quantity, etc.) and system loading for processing of production order and issuing of order confirmation
  • integration of a supervisory and control system interconnected with planning and operational activities to measure and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company – management of single/multi-order production orders: from generation to closure
  • real-time production data exchange from work lines and centres
  • supervisors of the production units
  • control of stock in the warehouse
  • control of external warehouses
  • Logistics management (shipping, queries, control)