Veneta cassetti | Projecta

A company that for more than 20 years has been in the market for the production of wooden drawers. A constantly growing reality that constantly invests to improve and to remain competitive.

Needs and Objectives:

Evolving means acquiring new skills, innovating in the methods and tools used, being more flexible and faster in responding. Veneta Cassetti has responded to this challenge by acquiring new skills and tools that will allow it to improve the control and management of its production. The ambitious goal was to revolutionize the management of factory data by increasing efficiency and quality, the need is to improve and optimize processes in order to reduce costs.

Intervention and Solutions:

Veneta Cassetti needed a management system that would allow it to reach its goal and this has led to the overcoming of their management no longer sufficient for the purpose. The JE platform was the answer, an ERP management system that specializes in production but performs all business processes.

The modules have also been implemented to support and complete the project:

  • JE-BUILDER technical and commercial configurator for the definition of articles and products, cycles, phases and bill of materials. The advantage of this instrument is the quality of the input data, which is essential for any subsequent use.
  • JE-MES and JE-MOBILE for production progress declarations and factory data collections, essential for company control and analysis.
  • JE-NEST The software has made it possible to speed up the order development procedure, carrying out not only the calculation of the cutting diagrams but also the integration with the MRP by inserting the material requirements into the system. In addition, an integration has been implemented which allows the cutting plans to be sent to the machines directly from the office, thus saving further time.