Over the years, the experience gained by working with the best companies in various sectors has allowed us to develop a real Projecta methodology.

It is a set of specific procedures that allow us, first of all, to make deep and accurate business diagnoses and, subsequently, to formulate a formal proposal for the provision of both services and tools best suited to its needs, such as the implementation of business information systems or strategic advice for the timely management of business activities.

All this is developed according to a series of progressive steps, carried out and shared with our interlocutor who will have a full vision of the entire project proposed and the governance of the individual phases, aligning himself as the evolutionary process that provides: the analysis of processes, the compilation of a matrix in phases, the planning of activities, the execution with the relevant minutes of training, testing and customer care. Translated with

All this is linked to possible project reviews and to the drawing up of accurate and clear offers that allow to have a complete picture of the supply and its application methods.


Obviously, the introduction of new concepts and tools in the company also involves the reorganization and commitment of various operational resources, engaged daily in activities that involve a significant workload.

This phase of readjustment foresees the birth of an operative flow that can be called Life Cycle, represented in the graph below that indicates all the evolutionary steps necessary to the development of the system, passing through more or less complicated phases that can make the staff in charge uncomfortable.


The “Projecta” method involves starting up the system with constant support, monitoring and certification of the activated phases, managing the cycle and related revisions during the work in a detailed and shared manner.

In short, the approach that is used for complex projects is tested and applicable in every area, beyond the tool used and the application area managed within the company.

This is Projecta!

Life Cycle

Process Projecta

Industry 4.0

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